Jayme Witte

Jayme White Graduated in Law from Universidade Cândido Mendes, postgraduate in Business Law and international Law. Corporate Governance courses by the IBCG (Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance) and Environmental Expertise by the Aqualung Institute. Has more than 18 years of experience in corporate structuring and restructuring in the organisation of internal flows of small and […]

Ana Elisa Fonseca Silveira

Senior Consultant Has been working since 1996 in the most diverse sectors, carrying out projects such as the Plan for the Recovery of degraded areas, Mine Closure Plans, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Emergency Response Centre, Social Projects, Environmental Audits, EIA- RIMA and Environmental Licensing, Management of Waste and Environmental Advisory. Graduated in Social Communication and Biology, […]

Carlos Sanquetta

Forestry Engineering Consultant, Carbon Credits Specialisation in Forestry and Forest Ecology from Ehime University (Japan), Master in Forest Management from the Federal University of Paraná, Master in Forests and Ecology from Ehime University, Ph.D. in Ecology and Management of Natural Resources from the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences (Ehime University), Post-Doctorate in Ecosystem Management […]