Carlos Sanquetta

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Forestry Engineering Consultant, Carbon Credits

Specialisation in Forestry and Forest Ecology from Ehime University (Japan), Master in Forest Management from the Federal University of Paraná, Master in Forests and Ecology from Ehime University, Ph.D. in Ecology and Management of Natural Resources from the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences (Ehime University), Post-Doctorate in Ecosystem Management from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Ehime University), Post-Doctorate in Forest Management and Climate Change from the Forchange Group (Forests and Climate Change) in the University of Lisbon (Portugal).

Coordinated and executed many carbon credit projects with market approaches, whether in regulated or unregulated markets. He worked on carbon projects of different scopes, such as forests (REDD and A/R), energy, waste, etc. He also has extensive experience in greenhouse gas emission inventories and climate change research projects.

Author of 25 technical books, 37 book chapters and 420 technical and scientific articles, including: “Forests and Carbon” and “Carbon Fixation: current affairs, research and projects”. Holder of 2 technical patents related to carbon projects: Jcarbon, quantification software for carbon in forests, and GeoBiomass, software that specialises on measuring the volume, biomass and carbon in forests. Advisors of more than 100 theses, dissertations and monographs on Forests, Bioenergy, Agriculture, Climate Change and Ecology.